Commercial Gardening Services

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions.
They thrive because someone expended effort on them.
- Liberty Hyde Bailey

Commercial Gardening Services

Planted Passion is a locally owned, private business that strives to provide you with high quality commercial garden and property maintenance.
We are well equipped to provide commercial grade services for both small and larger scale properties - we treat every client & property the same, regardless of its size or stature.

We are experienced in maintaining gardens to a high standard, ensuring the grounds of your commercial building communicate the professionalism of your company.

Commercial garden care and maintenance services can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly throughout the year to provide professional care for your site.

Garden Services can include:

  • General Clean Up & Green Waste Removal
  • Lawn Care & Mowing
  • Hedging, Topiary, Pruning & Edging
  • Weed Control
  • Mulching & Fertilising
  • Hardscapes - Paving, Timberwork, Blockwork, Garden Beds
  • Reticulation/Irrigation servicing and repair
  • Soil Improvement & Plant Health
  • Softscapes - Providing new plants, trees, soil and colourblock/plant design work
  • Specialised services - Soil testing and analysis

Why us?

  • Fully insured and safety focused
  • Experienced and trained gardeners
  • Inclusive of machinery, greenwaste removed, herbicide and basic fertiliser.
  • Personalised and tailored communication including providing clients a Post-work report of duties undertaken for your ROI
  • Service history of garden maintenance services in particular clients with high-level security procedures

Some of our Clients include:

  • Aged Care Facilities and Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages & Over 55 Retirement Communities
  • Child Care Centre, Early Childhood Facilities and Family Day Care
  • Foreign Consulates – Diplomatic grounds and Embassy/Citizen services centres
  • Government buildings and office blocks
  • Industrial sites – auction sites, yards/lots, warehouses, manufacturing sites
  • Not for Profit sector – Charities, Primary health care providers, Disability service organisations
  • Real Estate property portfolios and housing developments
  • Shopping centres and privately-operated Beauty & Hair salons

We know that a first impression is key when customers and site visitors arrive at your commercial location. The team at Planted Passion make you our priority, aiming to create smooth scheduling arrangements with all our clients.

Outsource your property maintenance needs to Planted Passion today by emailing or calling to discuss your requirements.