English Garden Designs

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

English Garden Designs

The English style cottage garden is one of the most popular of all garden styles. An abundance of plants softens a home’s appearance while adding colour and fragrance.

The materials used in pathways and garden beds should be muted in colour, and match the tones of the house. Even in small gardens, we can add visual interest with screens and arches.

English style gardens are soft, romantic gardens. Think fragrant David Austen roses tumbling over a frame, stands of Lavender flowers nodding in the breeze, spikes of Foxgloves standing tall, and delicate Alyssum creeping over the edges.

An English cottage garden can be a wild mosaic of colour, or more restrained by working within a colour palette. Either way, we can provide a selection of plants to provide interest all year round.

Planted Passion offers ongoing garden care to assist with seasonal maintenance of your English garden. We can divide perennials in Autumn, remove weeds and add mulch in Spring, and remove spent flowers throughout Summer.

Our English garden designs are adapted to ensure the right selection of plants for your area. Hardy and low water use plants such as Salvia, Sedum, Santolina, and Lavender can be used to wonderful effect.

Flowers attract and feed bees plus other beneficial insects are especially welcome, as are scented flowers that can be picked and brought inside. Herbs, vegetables and fruit trees can be incorporated into the design, allowing edibles to be an attractive and useful part of your garden.

Our cottage style garden designs incorporate lovely seating areas to enjoy a pot of tea in the morning or a chilled bottle of wine on a warm evening.

Our commitment to improving soil means that your classic English style garden is created with a focus on long-term plant health and performance.

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