Modern Garden Designs

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Contemporary Garden Designs

Do you have a vision of a contemporary garden to suit your modern home?

Planted Passion Horticultural Services can assist with the design, installation and ongoing care of your modern style garden.

Modern garden ideas include the use of:

  • • Bold, clean, simple lines
  • • Sharp contrasts in colour
  • • Mass plantings focussing on a single colour, shape or texture
  • • Use of feature plants for dramatic effect
  • • Restraint, remembering that less is more

Our contemporary garden designs use striking plants to work as architectural features. Mass plantings in the modern garden are utilised for maximum effect; we use soft grasses, large green leaves, or spiky blades to create a simple yet impressive feature.

Long term, we want to ensure a low maintenance, healthy garden to ensure that your contemporary garden is also a happy garden.

Modern landscape design allows the placement of a single impressive specimen tree, used as a sculptural shape and to create a dramatic focal point.

How do we achieve this?

  • • Our focus is on organics for soil health will benefit your modern garden
  • • Incorporating natural fertilisers and soil conditioners when planting, we create the optimal environment for plant growth.
  • • Our years of plant selection experience - we know what works best in the ground in your local area
  • • Soil and irrigation systems we install ensure each valuable planting is cared for to flourish.
  • When preparing your contemporary garden plan, we ensure that the modern, clean lines of the design will enhance your home. We will discuss your current and future lifestyle, to ensure your investment gives you a low maintenance, trouble free, and delightful modern garden for years to come.

    We work with you to get the right selection of modern materials for your garden beds, pathways, walls and seating areas. Our complete landscaping services including water features and lighting installations allowing us to design and create the ultimate modern garden design for your home.

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