Water Features & Ponds

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Water Features & Ponds

Water features and ponds can be incorporated in many different garden styles and sizes. Whether it is a mesmerising running stream or a serene still pool - there is something enthralling about water in the garden.

Still water creates a sense of tranquillity; it reflects the light and mirrors surrounding plants and structures. It can be used as a point of focus in a meditative space.

Running water is visually enjoyable and pleasing to listen to. Water can be channelled through the garden, using a natural stone bed or modern materials. Vertical installations can create a sheet effect, which looks stunning when lit up at night. Falling water can also be useful to screen out traffic noise from your garden.

Large, country-style properties can create striking planted edges to a dam or small lake - creating a natural look.

Water features for small gardens, alfresco and courtyard areas can use a wall mounted or free standing vertical display. Ceramic pots can also be filled with water, and set onto pebbles with a hidden trough. Our installations can include a concealed pump for recirculation and filtering.

Aquatic plants used either along the water's edge, or growing in the water itself add colour and movement. We can recommend a range of tall, spreading, and flowering plants to enhance your water feature or pond.

We take safety seriously and install a hidden mesh just below the surface in ponds to ensure they are not a drowning hazard for animals or children.

Both moving and still water features can catch and reflect sunlight, creating a sparkle of light in the garden. In the evenings, enjoy the shimmering of installed lighting through a water feature. We can install low voltage lighting in a range of colours.

Water features can be used to enhance English, Balinese, Japanese and Modern garden designs. We will select the appropriate materials and styling to suit your home and taste.

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