Irrigation, Reticulation & Garden Watering System

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- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Irrigation, Reticulation & Garden Watering Systems Perth

Planted Passion can design, install and service automated watering systems for your Perth garden.

By considering the water requirements of your plants, we can create an efficient and effective reticulation system. A design that delivers the right amount of water is an essential component in creating a waterwise garden.

Adding a controller creates an automated watering system that is easy to use, and that can care for your garden while you are busy or away from home.

Our services include programming your watering control station and giving you a quick run through of how the system operates.

We take the time to assess the water pressure and flow rates at your home so that we can design the right system using appropriately rated components.

Planted Passion only installs quality irrigation components with proven performance, to create a durable and reliable watering system.

Our irrigation solutions include:

  • • Pop-up sprinklers for lawns and large areas,
  • • Under mulch drip irrigation for beds and borders
  • • Root zone sprinklers for kitchen gardens,
  • • Misting systems for under pergola potted plants.

Your garden's health requires the regular application of water, allowing the plants roots to properly develop. Planted Passion can design a system that applies an appropriate amount of water to the root zone, encouraging strong plant growth.

We take care with our design to ensure there are no dry patches, or areas of over watering.

Planted Passion has experience working with mains, bore and rainwater sources - and can design appropriate pressure regulators and filters to ensure a steady and clean water supply.

We can also service and improve existing irrigation systems.

Contact the team at Planted Passion to discuss the design and installation of for your Perth garden.

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