Organic Kitchen Gardens & Self Sufficient Vegetable Gardens

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kitchen Gardens/Permaculture

A space to grow your own organic and tasty fruit, vegetables and herbs is a delightful addition to the garden.

Vegetable gardens shouldn’t be hidden at the back of your block, we design garden beds that are stylish and functional proud to see.

Offering custom designed timberwork services, we can construct stunning raised beds and trellises for vines and climbing plants.

Planted Passion kitchen garden designs can incorporate areas for fruit trees, vines, perennial plants such as Rosemary, Asparagus and Rhubarb, and annual vegetables and herbs.

Vegetables and fruit trees have higher water demands than other areas of the garden. Planted Passion can install an efficient watering system that delivers the right amount of water direct to the root zone. Our ground level watering systems also help to prevent fungal diseases in the foliage.

We can also build in swales to slow down the movement of water through the kitchen garden, enabling infiltration rather than fast run-off. Rainwater can be collected, becoming your water supply for irrigation.

Raised beds can be designed to be self-watering, using a wicking system to draw up water from a reserve tank as the plants need it.

Planted Passion promotes the addition of microorganisms and organic nutrients to build a healthy soil for food production. We can create a design with permaculture principles landscape design - to form a food forest, while carefully using energy and resources.

If you are dreaming a productive, healthy, kitchen garden - contact Planted Passion to discuss your design.

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