Sustainability & Organic Practices

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sustainability & Organic Practices

Understanding the structure and profile of your soil is a critical first step when planning a garden. When it comes to having a healthy and beautiful garden, it really does start from the ground up with a soil test.

Our unique approach to building and improving soils using organic inputs, means that we create healthy soils that continue to regenerate over time. This long-term thinking and use of natural products is a point of difference that we are proud of.

By taking soil samples from various locations around your property, we can assess the issues, advise remedial action where needed, and recommend appropriate plants for your conditions.

Salinity can increase over time, and will have a detrimental effect on plant health if not managed. We can test for soil salinity and offer techniques to manage this.

Why is Soil pH important?

Soil pH, or the level of acidity or alkalinity in your soil, is an important aspect to understand. Many plants have preferred pH growing conditions, for example, Camellias prefer acid soils, while Japanese Maples prefer alkaline soils.

The pH can change over time, as a result of fertiliser application, and the breakdown of leaf litter and mulch. Regular testing enables adjustments to be made before your plant health suffers.

The availability of essential nutrients for plant growth are affected by soil pH. This means that even if you are adding nutrients to your garden if the pH is not adjusted, the plant simply cannot "take up" the minerals.

What type of soil do I have?

Soil structure can be broadly classified as clay, loam or sand - with variations such as sandy loam, or loamy clay! We are experienced at assessing soil structure and determining the best course of action for soil improvement.

Adequate drainage is critical for healthy plant root development and is determined by the soil structure, with clay soils retaining more moisture than quick draining sands.

Understanding the soil structure is also important when planning irrigation, as it will determine how much water needs to be applied.

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