Tree Planting & Supply

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tree Planting & Supply

Planted Passion's Director Neil Miles began his career in horticulture at a production nursery - so he knows what to look for when sourcing plants.

Planted Passion can recommend suitable trees to suit any of the following situations:

  • • A shade tree to protect your home from the hot afternoon sun
  • • Espalier fruit trees that can be trained to grow more food in less space
  • • Trees for pool areas, that don't drop too many leaves or have invasive root systems

Planted Passion can source and install locally grown plant selections, such as:

  • Lawn - we will select the appropriate ready to lay turf to suit your soil type, location and lifestyle.
  • Grasses, in a range of heights and colours.
  • Groundcovers, to work across the surface area
  • Shrubs for mass plantings, mixed beds, and we will select the right range of shrubs for height and colour.
  • Climbers including natives, roses, fragrant and fast growing species
  • Succulents in young or advanced stage, for mass planting or feature areas
  • Herbs for pots or garden beds, we can recommend herbs to suit your culinary style.
  • Vegetables - we will design and then our garden maintenance service can replace seasonal vegetable crops to you always have something growing
  • Feature Potted Specimens such as frangipani, citrus, agaves and yuccas, and topiaries

Planted Passion create well structured and nutrient rich garden soils using biodynamic inputs, so the plants we install will continue to thrive.

We take the time to prepare the planting area well, which helps your new plants become established with less stress.

Whether you are looking for a single unusual specimen, or a garden full or greenery - contact Planted Passion team to source and install your plants.

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