Vertical Gardens Perth

The earth laughs in flowers.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

Planted Passion can design and install vertical gardens for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Our expertise across landscape construction, soils, irrigation and plant selection enables us to create vertical gardens that thrive.

Vertical gardens make an impressive feature, whether you choose a leafy tropical design, flowering plants, or herbs and edibles.

Ideas for vertical gardens include:

  • • Screening within large open plan areas
  • • Creating a lush entrance feature in a small space
  • • A living wall for an outdoor living area
  • • Building a cook's garden filled with herbs, greens and edible flowers
  • • A green column to use as an indoor feature
  • • Living room dividers that are stunning from both sides

We can install a customised recirculating irrigation system, to keep your plants looking lush and healthy.

We create custom soil mixes using organic additives for moisture retention and plant health - these lightweight blends support plant growth with added nutrients and good drainage.

Working with trusted tradespeople, we can bring an electrician in to add a power source for a pump, and install lighting to enhance your vertical garden.

How Are The Vertical Gardens Watered?

We will recommend a system based on the location of your vertical garden, and the plants used. This can be a recirculating hydroponic style, where the water is circulated from a well. A drip or misting system that connects to your mains and operates on a timer can also be installed.

How Much Maintenance Is Needed?

Planted Passion offers a regular maintenance service, where we check on the health of the plants, trim and replace as needed, test the soil for pH and salinity, and flush the pump and watering system.

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